"I love the fact that LBS opens at 6 am and stays open until 6:30, since I work in Austin from 8 to 5. I feel as though my daughter is very well taken care of. I trust the staff and the owner completely!"
Brianna A.

"My son loves the friendships he creates with other kids and his teachers. Every evening after school we hear stories about what he and his friends did that day."

Jenny and Brad M.
"The staff is always friendly, and LBS provides nutritious meals."
Tamera B.

Why Choose Us

inquiry-based curriculum
Lbs incorporates an inquiry based curriculum. The teachers have set themes, but use "teachable moments" so the children can ask questions and learn to think creatively.

Spanish and American Sign-Language
Our teachers instruct the children on basic Spanish. They learn colors, numbers, and letters in Spanish. Basic words are taught in ASL, as early as infancy. ASL has become an important learning skill in early childhood education. Research shows that babies that learn to sign actually have better vocabularies when they learn to speak. When an adult signs, they say the word, also.  Baby sign gives the child a head start to language acquisition.

hands-on learning
Our curriculum incorporates "hands on learning". Life skills are just as important as academic skills. When a child learns from doing, he retains more information. The process is much more important than the actual product.

Four separate play areas
There are 4 separate outdoor play areas. Each area has the proper age-appropriate equipment for that particular group of children. This includes swings, slides, a home-life area, an art area and a music section. There is also a basketball area.

safe environment
Lbs is inspected annually by the Texas Department of Health and by the Bastrop Fire Department. TDPRS also conducts unannounced inspection visits. Child Care Systems also monitors and inspects the center frequently. The playground is inspected daily and monthly for hazards. The fall zones are covered in absorbent materials and are maintained daily. In addition, there are security cameras which can be monitored remotely live or on time-delay.

computer skills
There are three computers with high-speed Internet connections for the children. They are introduced to the basics of the computers and are monitored when they are using them.

Learning centers
Individual centers are set up in the classroom for hands-on learning. The centers are dramatic play, science, reading, blocks, puzzles and an art center.

low staff-to-child ratio
LBS goes above and beyond the Texas Minimum Standards and maintains a much better staff-to-child ratio. Smaller classes mean a better, more safe environment for learning.