"Scarlett loves all the staff & is always ready to go!"
Renée M..

"So grateful for LBS! My son loves it there & loves his amazing teacher! Keep up the great work guys!"

Brittany H.
"There's not a day that goes by that my kids don't say "Mommy I like my school" when they get in the car!"
Marisela G..

"The owner/director is a hands-on person.  She is friendly and always willing to help out the parents and teachers."
Anne L.


Circle time and story time

Circle time activities include songs, calendar. weather, stories, other languages and literacy activites. Circle time is done routinely and reflects the needs and interests of the children in their age group.
movement and Music

These activities are helpful for focusing on the next activity. The children stretch and do morning exercises, usually before story time. They clap their hands and stomp their feet, rather than simply responding to a flashcard. Sometimes, movement time is free dance to children's music.


Learning Centers

Different areas of learning are set up in each classroom. These areas include a science center, block center, dramatic play, manipulatives and a quiet reading center. The children rotate between the centers.

Outdoor Play
The outdoor space is divided into 3 separate spaces for the safety of the children. Included on the playground are swings, slides,basketball goals,chalk boards, art centers, dramatic play center , and lots of room to run. Each class goes outside twice a day, weather permitting.
hands-on learning
Hands on learning with manipulatives is very effective in teaching. L.B.S. has a set curriculum with learning themes and each teacher has the freedom to create their own lesson plans using those themes. Manipulatives are used to let children think, problem-solve, and make things happen while they are working towards a solution.
Fun with health and nutrition
The children are encouraged to try healthy new foods .They do cooking activites with their teachers and friends. Fun games are played that promote healthy living. We give children and families the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices.
graduation program!
it's not just for the children that are going on to Big School! All the children, toddlers-schoolagers perform. This is an annual event that is held at McKinney Roughs! In 2012, the title of the program was "I love Rock 'n Roll" and the children all dressed up in their costumes! It's a fun time and a great way to show off your child to your family and friends!