"Scarlett loves all the staff & is always ready to go!"
Renée M..

"I love the Little Blue Schoolhouse because I know my daughter is getting the love and attention I want her to have and she is learning how to get along with others as well as her letters, numbers, Spanish, etc."

Beth R.
"This school is clean and well organized.  The children are busy and happy!"
Lisa M.

"We've been with LBS for nearly five years. Being a client this long, it seems like I'm leaving my child with family! The employees are consistent, so that faces are always familiar"
Yvonne G.
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Why Choose Us

We think we are great, but why should you choose us? Refer to the links below, or see what the Texas Department of Family and Planning Services has to say about choosing child-care.


A Few Words About Us

a positive learning experience

The goal of the Little Blue Schoolhouse is to create a positive learning experience for children. An effective preschool program reflects a variety of activities: free choice and small group times, quiet periods and active times, short activities and a few longer ones to increase a child's attention span, and careful planning to develop the child socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.
The sky doesn't always have to be blue, the grass doesn't always have to be green.
We provide a preschool program that is designed to teach children number concepts and color perception. We also teach phonics, and the children are reading basic words and doing simple math by the time they go to kindergarten. By teaching them these various skills, they build the self-confidence that is necessary for one's emotional well-being. Children are encouraged to be creative and to think on their own. At the Little Blue Schoolhouse the grass does not always have to be green nor the sky blue. Motor skills are perfected and hand-eye coordination is taught daily. We feel that the Little Blue Schoolhouse offers the best in a well-rounded preschool program, as well as teaching fundamentals--learning how to get along with others and to share with your peers.